Our Mission

Educational Advancement Initiative (EAI)’s mission is to empower local underprivileged communities by providing them educational tools and resources available in twenty-first century.

We will fund, facilitate and collaborate with locals in creating infrastructure that can be leveraged by both adults and children to teach and learn.

We will establish resource centers in local community schools and equip them with computer/ books/ supplies/ educational toys/ tools deemed beneficial to both children and adults alike.

Introduce Community to the World and the World to the Community


We are pleased to inform that EAI has been officially launched on July 4, 2016. 

Inauguration/ Handover program was organized to handover new " EAI Resource Center" in Bhadrakali Secondary School, Churithumka, Kavre. 

Inauguration/ Handover program was organized to handover new "Sreeda Resource Center" in Kalidevi Secondary School, Kavresthali, Kathmandu

MOU signed between EAI and Sunukuda Higher Secondary School, Bajhang for the reconstruction of 5 classroom  school building. 

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5811 Lightfoot Ln,Frisco, TX 75034