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Proposal To Support AGE Nepal

A Genuine Effort (AGE ) group in Nepal is a non profit that works with children that have special needs and having multiple Neurological problems. The organization is fully committed to the enhancing quality of life of special children. Over 15 years the organization has been providing its service to the children through a multidisciplinary team under the one umbrella in the rented house at the Patan district in a two storey house along with eight staff with eighteen children. The organization has served the children through different kinds of services.


Currently, due to limited space the organization is not able to provide services to needed children and also not able to extend new programs. The special children needs adequate space to learn the motor development and physical activity. 

EAI's Proposal

The need of  expansion is urgent so that the organization can run various programs in the future. By offering outpatient unit, vocational training programs for young adults, parent child training programs, and income generating programs.


EAI will be working with AGE Nepal on its plan for its expansion to accommodate the current and future need of the organization. It will support differently abled children and their parents  to face challenges to compete in the twenty-first century.

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