EAI Evolution

Founding members of this organization are getting together for the betterment of community/society. We share common belief to give something back to the community we belong to. We have been helping and contributing anything we can on different occasions; like charitable functions organized by different organizations or during natural disasters all around the world. We believe that it is now the time for us all to come forward, get involved in more organized and effective way.

nec ’99 Civil Group- Founders of our organization are members of an unofficial group of 1999 batch Nepal Engineering College, civil engineering students graduated in 2003. We formed a group to share our experiences and interact together for common social causes. Even though currently scattered all around the world, we have 64 active members in the group.

April 2015 Nepal Earthquake- April 2015 Earthquake not only shook the ground devastating lives, homes and belongings, it also shook all of our hearts. According to United Nations, an estimated of 2.8 million people have been displaced by this massive earthquake. The recurring earthquakes and subsequent displacements to this day have left the people of Nepal traumatized. These earthquakes claimed over 8,000 lives. We could not stop thinking about our loved ones, our Nepalese people and started planning to extend any help we could provide to the earthquake victims. Aftermath of this devastating earthquake, we, nec ‘99 Civil, immediately started extending our help to the displaced people. We by providing Rapid Visual Building Assessment Service to the affected people who were in big shock and trauma and were not willing to get into their homes even it was safe to do so. nec ‘99 Civil inspected more than 500 residential and public building during that time.

nec ’99 Civil Social Initiatives: Foundation Stone for EAI

nec ‘99 Civil launched a program called nec ’99 Civil Social Initiatives which was the foundation stone for EAI. This program asked nec ‘99 Civil members to contribute to help damaged school buildings in Gorkha, a district northwest of Kathmandu, and fund 40 orphan students in Makwanpur district, southwest of Kathmandu, for their all academic costs, books, and clothes for a year.  These two districts were two of many impacted districts by the April 2015 earthquake.

Build the School Program: Cornerstone for EAI

nec ‘99 Civil started coordinating with different non-profit organizations to support the schools that were identified by its members needing immediate attention to send kids back to school. nec ‘99 Civil was able to secure funding for two schools; one in Lamjung and one in Gorkha district from organization in USA and Australia. These projects are under construction and are scheduled to be completed by mid-July 2016. This work added cornerstone to the establishment of EAI. 

Educational Advancement Initiative: Milestone of New Beginning

With the success of these initial projects, we realized our limitations in terms of finance, management/ human resources that must be addressed to proceed further. This led us to establish an organization that will effectively manage and organize our mission. So, this marks as our first milestone of our journey to be the bridge between the needed resources for the underprivileged and the community. With nec ‘99 Civil group members living in the United States, supported by all nec ‘99 Civil members all around the world, and other enthusiastic individuals as the founding members, “Educational Advancement Initiatives (EAI)” has been registered as non-profit organization in State of Texas, USA in June 2016.

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