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Saradha Secondary School

Sharadha Secondary School is located in Dhamilikuwa VDC of eastern part of Lamjung bordering with Gorkha. The school is about 20 km north east from Prithivi Highway Dumre Bazar (Dumre Bazar is 134 km from Kathmandu). The school has 225 students from dDalit, jJanjati and disadvantaged families. The school did not have enough rooms to accommodate all the students. In addition, the building was seriously damaged due to April 2015 earthquake. The management committee decided to build new buildings immediately aftermath since different grades were merged together or were conducted in open grounds.


Our founding members visited the school and assured students and management to provide necessary help to get these kids back to school as soon as possible. The primary objective was to repair and /or reconstruct the earthquake damaged structures of the given school buildings such that risk free learning and teaching environment could be reinstated. The damaged structures needed to be corrected following earthquake resistant designs such that the school community got help overcoming psychological impacts of earthquake trauma and resume normal lives maintaining school attendance and keeping dropouts to a minimum.

Sharadha School- Temporary Make Shift Cl

Texas based USA–Nepal Community Outreach Network (UNCON) aims at serving underprivileged community. We learned of their intent and approached them to work together to build 2 classroom block at Sharadha Secondary School. 

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Members standing in front of New Classro
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