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Shree Brindawoti Secondary School

Shree Brindawoti Secondary School is located in Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality, Masel, Gorkha in Gandaki Province, Nepal. Gorkha is the fourth largest district (by area) of Nepal and connected historically with the creation of the modern Nepal and the name of the legendary Gurkha soldiers. 


Brindawoti School is providing education to a total of 515 students with 184 students from the underprivileged communities. School was looking for support to setup computer labs and science lab. EAI provided 12 computers, 1 Projector and 1 Printer to setup “Shree Uday Pande Resource Center” in the school which will be used by students as well as community during off school hours. 


Project is funded by the grandchildren of Uday Prasad Pande in the memory of their grandparents at their home village. "Shree Uday Pande Resource Center" was inagurated/ handover to the school management committee in a function organized at a school in May 2019.

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