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Travis Middle School

Travis Middle School is located in Irving, Texas, USA. The school is Title 1 school and over 70% of the school population is considered economically disadvantaged. 


With schools going virtual in 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, the students were provided with devices to learn the materials. In the classroom, teachers are zooming with students while the students who are physically in classroom work on assignments and activities for the class. The students need a way to block out the noise and only hear what is being said on their electronic devices. EAI donated 600 headphones with microphones to help the students focus on what’s in front of them and do their best on the assignments! 

headphones EAI , educational advancement initiative , donated to Travis Middle School in Irving, Texas USA. This project helped support children's education. This new eai project helps the students with their remote learning.

EAI President, Sangita Malla Rana, delivering the headphones in Travis Middle School. 

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