EAI will be working on building this school as our next project. We believe our collaborated effort to bring these kids back to school can have tremendous impact not only in their personal life but also leave very positive social message that will help Nepali community to rise once again towards bright future. 

The school has total of 151 students out of which, 93 students are from dalit, janjati and disadvantaged families. Before the 2015 April earthquake, the school had total of 12 rooms; constituting 9 classrooms, 2 administrative offices, and 1 school library. Most of the rooms were seriously damaged in the April 2015 earthquake. The school management committee decided to build new buildings immediately after the earthquake since classes were merged or conducted in open ground. With support from local organizations, few classrooms have been built. However, 3 classrooms are still being conducted in open ground. The School Management Committee has requested that at least they need  total of 12 classrooms to run the school uninterrupted.

Shree Gyanodaya Lower Secondary School established in 1988 is located in Jyamirkot, Panchkhal Municipality- 15 in Kavrepalanchowk district about 46km north-east of Kathmandu.

Shree Gyanodaya Lower Secondary School

Proposed school building

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